Tring & District Local History & Museum Society

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Want to know more about Tring and the local area?


The trails are available free as a printed guides and apps:

The Heritage Trail Printed Guide:

The handy colour-printed, fold out map presents the Trail as an easy to follow route around the town’s historic core. It can be collected at the Tring Local History Museum or Tring Information Centre or The Natural History Museum at Tring.

The Heritage Trail App:

The Heritage Trail App describes the heritage and history of the many interesting places to visit in Tring. For each location there is an easy to follow commentary (also available in audio), photos of the the location past & present and a special section for children - follow our zebra... The App also includes a historic guide to the town and a fascinating description of the connection with the Rothschild family.

a SUPERimpose photo of the town centre

Download the Heritage App now - simply search ‘Tring Heritage Trail’ in either the App Store or Google play

Walking & Cycling Tours:

The Walking & Cycling App includes a range of guided routes around the fabulous Chilterns countryside around Tring.   There are 6 trails and the links below can be used to view a map or download and print a guide.   The Waypoints on the map match with the numbering of the guide.

Tring Park Trail:                      

Tring by the Water:                

Tring Grand Tour North:     

Tring Grand Tour South:     

Chilterns Rambling Trail:   

Two-Wheel Tring Trail:        

The Walking and Cycling Trails provide a fully interactive map and a guide with pictures of all the main turning points..

Printed Guide

The App

Maps & Guides

Walking & Cycling Tours

A range of guided tours through the

Fabulous Chilterns countryside around Tring.

The Heritage Trail!

A guide to the many historic and interesting places in Tring town.

Six Tours avilable!