Tring & District Local History & Museum Society

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Since the History Society’s visit to Tring Police Station last July, we have had quite a lot of contact both with our local police station and Hertfordshire Constabulary HQ at Welwyn Garden City.  HQ have their own store of police antiquities and the Vice Chair of Herts Police History Society, Nik Pringle, has kindly assisted with loans of object and information to create our own police exhibition at the museum.  

We have various items of police equipment used through the years and details of notable crimes and events that have involved Tring Police Station. Events some of you I am sure you will remember.

Our local PC, Lazarus Clark has also been involved and is keen to make regular visits to the museum to talk to visitors about policing in Tring.  PC Clark himself was directly involved in the conclusion of a high profile crime that shocked the county.  You will find out more about this event when you next visit the museum.

We are planning interactive events linked to the exhibition which we will publicise in our web site and other local media so keep an eye on these to find out what and when.

In all it makes for a very interesting if not slightly unusual exhibition which we are quite excited about.

Policing in Tring